Game Design Mentorships

General / 26 May 2018

Having shown games at GDC and PAX East this year as an indie plus traveled around the world last year to speak about fun but good game design. I want to share some of that knowledge.

For these month long membership you will get dedicated one-on-one time each week. Every week you will submit your updated work for review. We will meet to discuss your submitted work over voice chat for 4 weekly sessions for one hour. During these meetings I will provide dedicated one-on-one feedback via chat with screen sharing, notated documents, and personalized demonstrations if needed. As well as any other notes or reference material that may help. During our schedule meetings I will also give you advice on what your next step is, I want you to walk away each week feeling motivated and excited!

Are you looking to start working on your dream game project? Do you have an existing material you want to improve? Are you looking for advice on game mechanics, character development, story, or game play? Are you looking for advice on branding and web presence? We can focus entirely on one of those aspects or a mix of a little bit of everything. It is entirely up to you, but whatever you choose I am excited to help you grow in that area!

Prior to the start of your mentorship email me ( ) with the ideas and goals you have for the mentorship so we can finalize the goals before getting started.

At the conclusion I will hand over all materials from the mentorship. This will include notes, reference, documentation, and any other materials from your mentorship for you to have as reference.

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